Marble is a metamorphosed limestone composition. This basically means that it started out as limestone which over many years in the earth’s crust has recrystallized due to heat and pressure. The original carbonate minerals and the fossils become coarse grains of calcite.

Marble comes in a wide variety of different colors. The color of the marble is determined by its mineral composition when it is formed. This in turn is determined by what impurities are present in the limestone during the crystallization process.


Marble is distinguished from other polished natural stone by its heavy veins.

At some point in time the marble will require complete restoration. This will be due to large amounts of cracking, deep scratching, and unsightly lippage, moving tiles, grout damage, irremovable traffic patterns, problem staining or any other defect which cannot be remedied by polishing alone. Resurfacing of the marble will require a diamond abrasive procedure referred to in the industry as diamond grinding. This is carried out after any epoxy repair work. The marble is then polished or left honed and then re-sealed.

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